During work, I browsed through different LGBT news, Most of them are about hate crimes, discrimination (although I expected it to be). But on the plus side I saw a lot of good news like 2 gay couple were crowned prom king and queen, A gay candidate is on top of the survey to be Senator, Gay parents are allowed to adopt from states which prohibited it and among all news this particular article touched me, that I sort of wish to have the same happy ending (click me)

Its about two gay dad’s with ELEVEN adopted children. It started when they wanted to raise kids and lets say its destiny they met Michael (their first adopted son)

Michael was living in a group home, one of 20 children in a five-bedroom house. When their caseworker sent Steven and Roger to meet the boy to decide whether to adopt him, Michael sat on the end of his bed and told them in a whisper that he got beat up by the other kids because he was the smallest.

"We didn’t know anything about him, but we knew he deserved more," Steven says.

He and Roger explained that they were two dads instead of a mom and dad. Michael didn’t care. He stood up, and said, “I’ll go get my stuff.” Michael moved in a week later.

Nothing ever was the same again.

That did not stopped their, Michael had siblings and of course its natural that he would be worried and wished that his sibling were alright and well but his two dad’s can’t bear to watch their son like that and tried to reunite this sibling.

After less than a year they manage to reunite the sibling and became one happy family. but they felt they wanted t adopt and raise a child from babyhood and decide to once more adopt and with every child they adopt, it just touched their hearts and never mind the financial burden but they continue share the love and show that gay parents can have a family as well.